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Heritage Preservation Consultants

Heritage Preservation Consultants is dedicated to the preservation of tangible cultural assets as well as oral historical narratives. Our purpose is to support a culture of reason and understanding based upon a broad-based knowledge of history and biography. Toward this end, HPC offers a variety of services to the public, which include the following:


• Oral History Narratives
• Interpretive Exhibits and Displays
• Education and Community Outreach
• Cultural Resource Evaluation
• Corporate and Institutional History
• Environmental Site Assessments

Oral History Narratives Oral history is the recorded conversation between an historian (interviewer) and a narrator (interviewee) that may cover the entire life of the subject or focus on a specific place or historical event. Oral history is truly egalitarian in its approach to historiography in that every individual, regardless of race, sex or creed is believed to have a singular view of the world that is at once unique, personal, and accessible.

Cultural Resource Management Cultural resources range from archaeological sites and artifacts to noteworthy buildings, military facilities, and cemeteries. HPC historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists offer an interdisciplinary approach to completing investigations of these sites by designing and implementing a comprehensive program of field analysis, surveys (excavations) and local history.

Interpretive Exhibits and Displays Presenting historical scholarship in a manner that employs a multimedia approach, by combining oral history, artifacts, music, and visual demonstrations can reach a broad cross-section of the public. The exhibits/displays can become a critical touchstone in building a community's identity and in conveying a historical and ethical sensibility to visitors and participants.

Education and Community Outreach HPC works with schools, teachers, museum docents, and local historians to develop study guides and course curriculums to enhance the educational and cultural experience of students and members of the community. Through seminars, workshops, and publications, these activities encourage the formation of intellectual relationships and arouse a thoroughgoing interest and discourse about the process of history.

Corporate and Institutional History The history of business and professional organizations has traditionally been overlooked in orthodox historiography; however, the growing importance of this field has led social and economic historians to re-interpret the structural and dynamic forces of these organizations as the leading edge of social reform in this society. HPC is one of the pioneers in developing a historical understanding of these organizations.

Environmental Site Assessments Identifying environmentally significant hazards that may impact on commercial real estate transactions is a critical component of HPC’s core business. We conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to protect the innocent landowner from liability resulting from historic contamination. Through historic aerial photographic and cartographic analysis, fire insurance map and title report reviews, as well as a detailed search of federal, state, and municipal regulatory databases dating back to the late 19th century, we complete a comprehensive evaluation of the subject property, its tenants, and history of operations.

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